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Half of your patients aren't completing your exercise programme

Studies show that non-adherence to home exercise programmes is as high as 50-65% for general muscoskeletal conditions.

Your patients' lives are busier than ever, so it's no surprise to hear that they don't have time for their exercises or aren't be able to fit the exercise programme into their daily routine or work schedule. Some just plain forget. For others the challenge might be a motivational one and they don't believe in their own abilities enough to understand that they can achieve results by completing their programme. These challenges can be even greater for patients that are less physically active or lack social support.

Better outcomes, faster recovery

Patients who exercise between sessions are likely to recover faster, and less likely to re-injure themselves.

Home exercise programmes (HEPs) are an opportunity for patients to take control of their own recovery; motivating them and helping them to feel more involved in their treatment. The HEP therefore acts as an extension of the treatment you provide; helping patients to help themselves and maintain the improvements they've made while under your care. It is also a way of allowing continuity between visits, and can reduce the number of sessions required.


Improve home exercise plan adherence


Deliver a greater increase in physical function


Reduce risk of recurrent injuries and flare-ups

Exercise adherence through engagement

Each of your patients has unique needs, but there are some things you can do to help all of them improve their home exercise adherence.

  • Provide patients with clear verbal instructions and videos of themselves performing the prescribed exercises
  • Allow patients to record their home exercises so that the therapist can review them and make sure they are being performed optimally
  • Involve your patients in the treatment process and motivate them to take responsibility for their recovery

Meet Extensor

Extensor, a start-up founded on a physiotherapist's table in Innsbruck and now headquartered in London, is developing a suite of apps to help physiotherapy patients get back to full health faster than ever.


A personalised home exercise experience

Written instructions or stock videos are not the answer, when each of your patients need personalised treatment to achieve optimal results. With Extensor you can record patients doing their exercise in the practice, so that they don't forget what you asked them to do and can follow their own example.


Physiotherapy for the digital age

Patient exercise videos

Patients can track their progress in the free companion app. When it's time to complete an exercise, they can review the example video you made together and then record themselves completing the exercise.

Home exercise review

Check that your patients are doing their exercises - and doing them right. You can review videos recorded by your patients and give feedback in your own time.

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"It was incredibly frustrating that patients weren't getting the most from their home exercises, either because they were having problems with the exercise or they'd forgotten exactly what I'd assigned them. With Extensor I can attend these problems as soon as they arise. The feedback from my patients during testing has only been positive and it seems to be benefiting their therapy hugely."

Achim Brunner OMT
Physiotherapist, Innsbruck, Austria


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